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How to Kiss a Man to Make Him Fall in Love

How men secretly YEARN to be kissed . . .

If he’s a “bad kisser” it means . . .

How to make him a better kisser . . .

3 steps to a man melting kiss . . .

How to know if he’s “The One” with just one kiss . . .

If you’re like most women you probably think your job isn’t to kiss but to be kissed . . .

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 What “passive” kissing says to a man (and why it pushes him away) . . .

And EXACTLY how to kiss a man the way he YEARNS for, so he pulls you close, melts your body against his and can’t help but fall just a little bit in love . . .

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How To Kiss a Man Review


Kissing has been around ever since humans have been around. It’s an essential component of loving in both platonic and sexual ways. Kissing can also be used as a practical tool to attract the man you want. Do it right, and kissing can be a powerful aphrodisiac! It brings about brain chemicals and hormones, such as Oxytocin and dopamine, just like the act of sex does. So what are some tips to kiss a man to make him fall in love with you?

1. Keep Your Lips Moist

A great kiss starts with the basics, and that means beautiful, juicy lips. Few man will be interested in kissing lips that are dry, cracked and rough. The smoother and softer you can make your lips, the better. So choose a lip balm that will send plenty of nourishment to your lips. Keep the flavor neutral. Although you may be tempted to choose a strawberry lipgloss or a cherry lipgloss, not every man is into flavored lips. Also, don’t choose lipstick. The lipstick comes with color that will come off your lips and end up on his. That usually doesn’t make for a sexy kissing experience. Keep it neutral and play it safe.

2. Keep Your Breath Smelling Great

Another basic is your breath. Few people are into kissing someone with bad breath, and, in fact, bad breath is a huge turn-off for most people. Make sure your teeth are clean, and your breath smells fresh. Right before the kiss, don’t consume things that contribute to bad breath such as coffee or onions.

3. Make Sure Your Body Smells Good

Even though you’re focusing on the lips, another basic is to ensure your body smells pleasant. That means that you would have showered or bathed, but also don’t wear things like perfume. Perfume may smell nice, but it could be unpleasant for the guy.

4. Keep Your Body Relaxed

Part of giving a guy a great kiss is to present the image of a relaxed person. If you’re nervous and uptight, chances are highly likely the guy will know it. So instead of him focusing on the kiss, he’s worried about how nervous you are. Do the best that you can to relax before the kiss. Even if you’re super nervous, “fake it until you make it.” Do some deep breathing exercises beforehand, or sip a glass of wine – but not too much. The goal is to get relaxed, not drunk.

5. Take the Lead But Let Him Lead Too

A great kiss happens when you understand where the other person is going with it. Go ahead and plant a slow kiss on his lips and take the lead, but if you feel him wanting to lead you a bit, let him do it. Go with the flow. Be prepared to return to leading if you feel he wants it. Leading also means that you’ll stop the kiss on occasion and then restart it. Let him “chase” you a bit, give in, and then start the chase again. It can all be done with the lips!

6. Include Other Parts of the Body

What does it mean to include other areas of the body in kissing? It means that you’ll caress his face, hug him and rub your hand over his shoulders, arms, legs. Now keep in mind, that heavy petting, which is what this is called, can get both of you so excited it can lead to sexual intercourse. Therefore, decide how far you want to go with the kiss before you kiss. In other words, don’t press your breasts against his body, for example, unless you want to take it to the next level. The feel of the breasts is extremely erotic to a man and immediately makes his thoughts go to sexual activity.

7. Take Your Time

The right pressure on the lips and the right touch on the body can be ruined if you rush everything. One of the arts of kissing a man in the best way is to take your time. Taking your time means that you will spend time beforehand in conversation, looking into his eyes, taking an interest in what he is saying. The kiss will come in due course, but don’t rush into it in an overenthusiastic anticipation. Take your time and ease into it. When it happens, it will happen as smooth as silk.

Kissing a man effectively to make him fall in love with you is an art form that you can easily master if you do it right. Whether you want to snag that second date, get him to take you to bed or make yourself become the person that he will never forget, kissing is an effective way to do it. Follow these tips for the best kiss ever.


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How To Kiss a Man Review